Free Agents PAC


All of the Executive Committee members of Free Agents are donors. We give because we accept our responsibility to keep liberty alive in this generation and hopefully mentor the next generation of leaders. We also give out of a sense of indebtedness. We inherited this land at a tremendous price, paid by others. How can we not do our part?

Because of the legal construction of Free Agents PAC, we have lots of options to reach and influence the voting marketplace.

  • We can raise and spend money to help find and recruit new leaders.
  • We can give specifically to candidates as a traditional PAC within certain federal/state limitations.
  • We can raise and spend unlimited (SuperPAC) dollars from individuals, families, and companies to utilize as independent expenditures.
  • We can raise and spend unlimited dollars to educate communities on key issues facing individual states and the nation.

Bottom Line: Free Agents PAC CAN raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to do the right thing. The dollars are NOT tax-deductible (no surprise). All contributions are reported per FEC rules on disclosure. That information is available to the public on the FEC's website.

Should that disclosure bother us? We sure hope not. We are not ashamed to stand for Liberty and we are not ashamed of our work. Free Agents PAC actually began back in the 1980's (previously called The Liberty Committee). In all those years we have never used funds to create "attack" ads focused on personalities. We are not afraid to talk about voting records, etc but we DO NOT produce the awful stuff you see on TV every campaign season. If we ever start doing that nonsense – then PLEASE STOP GIVING US MONEY and tell us to quit.

So you can give lots of ways. The best way is the unlimited personal, family or corporate contribution. Those dollars go to finding new leaders and running independent expenditure projects in key districts/races across the nation. The next page will show you how.

We've been doing this a long time. It works. We've been hoping you would show up. Now it is your turn to join the team.

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To contribute by mail please print out the form below and send it with your contribution to:
Free Agents PAC
PO Box 30034 Cleveland, Ohio 44130-0034

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