Free Agents PAC

2014 — Priority Races

These races, at this moment, represent the key districts we believe are essential to win in 2014. The goal here is to help elect a Congress that will work for the constitutional rule of law. We are looking for leaders who will put principle over party. The list below is not a list of perfect people who have actualized every principle we advocate. There are no perfect people or candidates. This is a strategic deployment in a moment of real time – the election of 2014. These are the seats that are essential. More will follow as the election unfolds.

We will tell you in advance, at this moment, these candidates are all Republicans which makes us very sad. We need Democrats and Independents who can run viable races based on constitutional first principles. We are working to find them.

U.S. House

Special Election March 13th
David Jolly Florida District 13

Keith Rothfus
Pennsylvania District 12

Mike Kelly
Pennsylvania District 03

Bill Johnson
Ohio District 06

Jim Renacci
Ohio District 16

Jim Jordan
Ohio District 04

Steve Southerland
Florida District 02

Dan Webster
Florida District 10

Randy Hultgren
Illinois District 14

U.S. Senate

Alaska – August Republican Primary Selection
Dan Sullivan
General Election – Sullivan (R) to replace Begich (D)


So what do you do with this information? We urge you to pray for the US Congress both for the people who are there today and the ones that should be there. Next we urge you to exercise your right of free speech and send financial support to these selected campaigns. Third we invite you to support Free Agents PAC so we can do three things:

  1. Tell more people about these key races (independent expenditures)
  2. Help people understand the key issues that Congress is facing
  3. Encourage people to vote on Election Day and to register and encourage new voters

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