Free Agents PAC

The Problem

George Washington

People don't wake up in the morning thinking about joining a political party. Most Americans are not members of any political party. In his Farewell Address, George Washington warned us that America would be in serious trouble if we ever became a nation divided between two competing parties. The Father of America was right.

It's not that joining a party is wrong. The Bill of Rights is clear on protecting our right of assembly and association. The problem appears when the quest for power and control overtakes commitment to first principles. Sadly this is the case today.

Every year the leaders of the two major parties divide up trillions of dollars in state and federal tax dollars, making decisions that impact every American home and family. Instead of seeking to protect and defend the limited representative government proscribed in the Constitution, Congress and most state legislatures have devolved into a playground brawl over who controls dollars and power.

How else could we now be facing a national debt spiraling past $16 Trillion dollars while Congress is unable to even pass a budget, let alone balance one?

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