Free Agents PAC

The Solution

I Voted

The Solution is NOT to establish a third political party. The two we have now are killing us. Why on earth would we want a third, fourth or fifth one?

The answer is for the millions of Americans who still believe in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to find each other and operate as "free agents". It is time for "we the people" to show up once again and re-establish principled boundaries for civil government.

This is accomplished by changing the players in Congress and in state capitols.

This solution is attainable. The technologies are now available to communicate with millions and do so independent of the political ruling class and the mainstream electronic media. These tools are effective and readily available.

Free Agents PAC focuses on state legislative and Congressional races. Over the years we have seen some remarkable success stories. People have risen through the ranks and have become effective public servants. "Normal" people, without extraordinary pedigrees or great wealth, who earned their success the old fashioned way. We love those stories. They are real. We need more of them.

For that to happen we need each other and we need your help. Your contributions, prayers and friendship, your work to spread the word in every way now available to everyone you know, all of this is the work required.